Medium Stone Crab Claws

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$35.99 / LB
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Our Medium Florida Stone Crab Claws are fan favorites! 👍 🦀 

Caught daily in Keys, Florida, these claws are best as an entrée and perfect if you have a HUGE appetite. With 6-7 claws per pound, wow yourself and your guests with Florida’s most premium stone crab claws!

Medium in size, but there’s nothing medium about the flavor in our extra sweet Medium claws. These are the perfect choice if you’re looking to serve some claws as an appetizer. You’ll usually get about 6-7 of these Medium claws per pound.

As a rule of thumb, we recommend 1.5 pounds per person for a meal. Our claws come right out of the water and are shipped to you within 24 hours if it’s during season - or flash-frozen if it’s during the summer. All orders come with free mustard sauce and a mallet. Get to cracking on these delicious Florida Stone Crab - straight from the docks to your doorstep.

Remember that in addition to your fresh stone crab claws, at Captain Stone Crab you can enjoy our delicious caviar as well as our king crab legs in their colossal king crab legs presentation. Check it out and order your fresh stone crab claws today!

Additional Information

Weight Starting from 6.6 pounds
Common Name

Florida Stone Crab

Scientific Name

Menippe Mercenaria


Florida Keys








2.5oz – 3.0oz


6-7 per lb

Serving Size

1.5 lbs per person

Seasonal Availability

Oct. 15 – May 1



How many medium stone crab claws are in a pound?

On average, a single pound of medium stone crab claws is composed of about 6-7 individual claws. If you're in the mood for a magnificent treat, then some pounds of medium stone crab claws is just what you need! Treat yourself and your guests to this exquisite delicacy that will leave them wanting more. Go on and try the deliciousness of medium stone crabs today - you won't regret it!

How big is a medium stone crab claw? How much does a medium stone crab claw weigh?

An average medium stone crab claw can typically weigh anywhere between 2.5-3 ounces, offering just the right portion size to ensure that everyone leaves satisfied and delighted. If you're ready to savor a scrumptious seafood experience for your next feast, then the perfect solution is here - medium stone crab claws! Don't miss out on this indulgent culinary delight - treat yourself and your guests today with succulent medium stone crab claws!

How many medium stone crabs per person?

For a medium stone crab serving, it's recommended to plan 6-7 claws per person. Medium stone crab claws feature plenty of meat for almost anyone, which makes them a great option for an appetizer.

How many pounds of medium stone crabs per person?

Anticipate serving each guest at least one pound of succulent stone crab claws, though some stone crab enthusiasts may be able to devour up to three pounds! To ensure you have enough scrumptious seafood for everyone, it's wise to come prepared.