Stone Crabs

If it’s during Florida Stone Crab season (October 15 through May 1), these claws go from the docks to being shipped within 24-36 hours. If it’s outside of season, we offer flash-frozen claws that taste just as fresh, so that every season can be Florida Stone Crab season.

You’ll want to eat them in 24-48 hours for the best experience. We already cooked them, so they’ll be ready to enjoy as soon as they get there.

There’s five sizes: Medium, Large, Jumbo, Colossal, and Super Colossal!

It depends on whether you ordered medium, large, jumbo, colossal, or super colossal-sized claws. A pound is a pound, but the quantity of claws in that pound will vary. Usually this works out to about 1 Super Colossal claw per pound, 1-2 Colossal claws per pound, 2-3 Jumbo claws per pound, 4-5 Large claws per pound, or 6-7 Medium claws per pound. 

If you’re not very hungry. Usually we’d choose Medium-sized claws for an appetizer. You’d need quite a few of them to get fully satisfied.

Our 8-ounce container of mustard sauce is enough for two people - remember that’s 3 pounds of claws. If you ordered for a family of four, you’ll get two containers of mustard sauce. 

Yep. You know it.

When your order arrives, all you gotta do is be ready to swing that mallet, dip them into the mustard sauce and then just sit back and enjoy. All of our stone crab claws are cooked the very same day they are pulled from the water. Eight minutes of boiling, followed by an ice-cold water bath to stop the cooking process. It’s our absolute tried-and-true method.

In your belly! If you do happen to have any left over, put them in a cooler with ice, or in an open container in the coldest part of your fridge. Just be sure to drain the water frequently.

Well here’s a tip: crack your claws as you go, instead of cracking all the claws at once. But even if you did get a little over-excited with the mallet, it’s no worries. Put them in an open container in the coldest part of your fridge and enjoy them the next day. 

These little guys find themselves cracking open the shells of sea urchins to eat in the water. The black spots are just bruises from bumping against the sea urchins’ spine, but they are still fine to eat and their sweet, delicious claw meat is not impacted by these little battle wounds. 

Florida Stone Crab season runs annually from October 15 to May 1. Orders outside of this time range will be fulfilled with our freshest flash-frozen claws harvested at the end of the season.

Follow us here. Stone Crab is known asMenippe Mercenaria. The first word is Greek for “force or courage” and the second word is Latin for “something of value.”

It’s worth mentioning that Florida Stone Crab are not killed in the process of harvesting their claws. Florida Stone Crab are able to regenerate their claws - so once the claws are harvested, we return the crab to the waters, making them a renewable delicacy.

Shipping & Packaging

The post office. Oh, which post office? At Captain Stone Crab, all of our Florida Stone Crab claws are caught and harvested in the Florida Keys, and then shipped from the mainland in Miami just up the road.

It depends. Your best bet is to get through the checkout process to see the pricing. It’ll be based on how far we’re shipping it and the size of the order. 

The rule of thumb to remember a serving is 1.5 pounds per person. If you ordered enough for a meal for two people, your order will come with 3 pounds of claws. If you ordered enough for a party of four people, you’ll get 6 pounds of claws.  

Account & Orders

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There are plenty of ways to pay! We accept all major U.S. credit cards, plus Google Pay, Shop Pay, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, and PayPal.

We’ll run the card right away. Keep an eye on your statement for“Captain Stone Crab” or “CSC.” 

We’ll plan on having everything you ordered arrive on your scheduled delivery date, but keep in mind that during season, we catch our stone crabs fresh daily, so things are subject to change. If we can’t supply the exact items you ordered on the day of delivery due to weather or limited catch, we’ll reach out to you via email right away to offer a different claw size in an amount of equal value or process a full refund (that usually takes 3-5 business days).

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