Aye aye, Captain!

Captain Stone Crab is a Florida Stone Crab delivery service bringing the freshest claws from the docks of the Florida Keys straight to your doorstep. We believe that Florida Stone Crab is way too delicious to keep it exclusive to us locals, so we started our delivery service to ensure stone crabs can be enjoyed by our seafood-loving friends around the country (and Canada, too!).

Based here in South Florida with product sourced from the waters of the Florida Bay, Captain Stone Crab exists to bridge the gap between the efforts of the hard-working Floridians who harvest this highly-in-demand black-tipped delicacy, with those who wish to enjoy a slice of paradise from the comfort of their own homes. That’s why we’ve priced our stone crabs up to 60% less than top local restaurants – because it’s important to us that anyone can experience fresh Florida Stone Crab for themselves.


At Captain Stone Crab, we honor the work ethic and instincts of the stone crabbers who bring you this world-famous, sustainable delicacy. Sure, living in Florida is paradise 12 months a year, but being a stone crabber is hard work. Down in the islands of the Florida Keys off the Southern tip of Florida is a dedicated community of hard-working stone crabbers with a passion for fishing, for producing a good product, and for making a living in the process.

But being a Florida Stone Crab captain is about more than just a strong work ethic - it’s about instincts. That’s the secret weapon. We know that their years of passed-down experience, honed-in instincts (and a little bit of luck), guide them to the perfect places to set their traps. We honor this talent and craftsmanship through Captain Stone Crab.


From October to May, our community of dedicated stone crab fishermen hit the waters off the southern tip of Florida, setting their crab traps, so they can proudly bring you this one-of-a-kind product known around the world as Florida Stone Crab claws. These hard-working men and women who hit the waters each season, rise at the break of dawn, dropping and pulling traps for eight hours at a time in one of the most labor-intensive fishing processes around, before making what can often be a two-hour trek back to the docks.

All that hard work is rewarded with a delicious haul, as our fishermen bring in up to 5,000 pounds of claws in a single day. During Florida Stone Crab season (October 15 through May 1), these claws go from the docks to being shipped to you within 24-36 hours. If it’s outside of season, we offer flash-frozen claws that taste just as fresh, so that every season can be Florida Stone Crab season.

From the docks to your doorstep, thank you for considering Captain Stone Crab for your slice of paradise at home.