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Freshest Claws, Lowest Prices - $48.99/lb**Minimum 3 lbs Best Sellers! 🔥 Our Large Florida Stone Crab Claws are irresistible 🦀 Caught daily from Keys, Florida, these claws are best as an entrée and perfect if you have a HUGE appetite. With 4-5 claws per pound, wow yourself and your guests with Florida’s most premium... Read More

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How to Cook Frozen Stone Crab Claws

How to Cook Frozen Stone Crab Claws?

Stone crab claws are Florida's pride— they're delicious, flaky, and thankfully, easy to cook! Learn how to cook frozen stone crab claws with this simple guide.
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Stone Crabs Relevant Questions

What is special about stone crab?

Stone crabs are unbelievably strong and have the ability to regrow their claws. The strength of the stone crab is simply astounding – this determined crustacean boasts a crusher claw capable of exerting an unbelievable 19,000 pounds per square inch. They can effortlessly crack through shells to feed themselves; no wonder their claws are succulent and tasty! Thanks to their regeneration superpowers, fishermen can harvest only the claws and release the stone crabs back into their aquatic habitat; an exceptional example of sustainability.

What does stone crab taste like?

Typically served cold, stone crabs boast unique sweetness and flakiness that resembles the texture of lobster or shrimp but possessing a more robust consistency, simply incomparable to any other varieties of crab species along the coast. As stated before, stone crabs are beloved for their mildly sugary taste and make a delightful addition to any seafood dish. With many dubbing them the "king of crustaceans", Florida's Gulf Coast is renowned as the provider of some of the finest stone crab varieties found anywhere in the world.

Do people eat the whole stone crab?

The edible portion in a stone crab is its large succulent claw, so much of your attention will be placed there when tasting. In addition delicious stone crab might be difficult to eat due to its hard-shelled exterior. Since you can't remove the shell during the cooking process, it's typically served with the protective covering intact - a daunting task for even experienced seafood lovers. Fortunately, with just a few simple steps and tricks, you'll be able to quickly prepare this delicacy so that everyone at your table enjoys an unforgettable dining experience!

Are stone crabs killed for their claws?

The stone crab's capacity for autotomy, or dropping off its claws as a defensive mechanism and growing them back, allows to collect their succulent claws without the need of killing them. After a molt, the stone crab may come out of its old shell with bigger (and yummier) claws. Stone crabs are captured in a controlled fishery environment, just like other types of crabs. However, Florida legislation strictly prohibits the harvesting of entire stone crab organisms.

Why are stone crab bodies thrown back?

By releasing the stone crab body back into its habitat, fishers can ensure that the removed claws will eventually regenerate. This delicate capture and release technique allows for the continued sustainability of this species since their claws can later regrow without any complications.

Are stone crabs good to eat?

The short answer is: Yes! Stone crabs are renowned for their exquisite sweetness and unparalleled texture — a delicate combination of lobster and shrimp, yet more robust consistency than most other crab species. Enjoy the opportunity of tasting this unique delicacy with its sweet and savory flavors!