All About The Florida Stone Crab Season

Stone crab season is a highly anticipated time of year for seafood lovers and restaurant goers. Florida stone crab is a delicacy that is native to the coastal waters of the Florida Bay. Unfortunately, stone crabs can be fished all year round to ensure the sustainability and continued growth of their population. So, what exactly is the Florida Stone Crab Season, how long is it, and what does it mean for someone looking to enjoy stone crabs out of season? The Captain Stone Crab team breaks it down!

First, When Exactly Is Stone Crab Season?

The stone crab season runs from October 15th to May 15th, with the peak season being from mid-October to mid-December. During this time, stone crabs are caught using special traps and their claws are harvested for their sweet and succulent meat. The crabs are then released back into the ocean, where they can regenerate their claws and be caught again in the future. Stone crab season is a beloved tradition, and by supporting responsible fishing practices, we can ensure that this delicacy will be enjoyed for years to come.

Where Are The Stone Crabs Caught?

All of our stone crab claws are caught off the coast of the Florida Bay in the Atlantic Ocean by our fishery partners. They’re ethically caught using traps that have been approved by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission before being brought to our dock. 

Is There Just One Size Of Stone Crab?

No! All stone crab claws must legally be bigger than 2 7/8ths inches, but they can scale significantly. Captain Stone Crab offers four types of crab claws: 

The larger the crab claw, the more meat you’ll be sure to enjoy per claw!

What Happens To The Crabs? 

Here at Captain Stone Crab, we care about our local ecosystem, which is why we make sure all of our partners treat each crab carefully and in a way that’s sure to not hurt them. Thanks to their regenerative abilities, stone crabs will be able to steadily regrow their claws over time on their own in the wild. We also do our part to ensure that any and all female crabs carrying eggs are released safely back into the wild with their claws intact. 

Are Stone Crabs Available In The Off Season?

While stone crab claws aren’t being actively sourced in the offseason, we do have limited quantities of flash frozen crab claws available. Rather than traditionally frozen, flash frozen claws are able to retain their flavor better, but nothing quite compares to fresh stone crab claws during the season. If you’re looking to buy stone crab claws online during the season or offseason, click here!