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Stone crabs are one of the most sought after delicacies in Florida, but they're also hard to come by. That’s why Captain Stone Crab has made their large stone crabs available for online ordering all year long! Today, you’re able to place an online order for the freshest Florida stone crabs and we guarantee shipping within 24-36 hours!

What Are Large Stone Crabs?

Florida large stone crab claws are the perfect addition to any seafood feast. These large, succulent crabs provide a rich source of flavor and texture that is sure to leave everyone satisfied. When you enjoy large stone crabs from Florida, you can be sure that you are getting the freshest product possible. Each order is carefully selected for size and quality and then immediately rushed off to ensure ultimate freshness upon delivery. Impress your guests with these large stone crab claws—freshly delivered to your door!

At Captain Stone Crab, quality is always a guarantee. Our large stone crab claws make the perfect accompaniment for any dish or occasion—order now and experience the world of delectable seafood! Forget running out to the store or waiting in line—order large Florida stone crab claws today and have them conveniently delivered right to your door. Deliciousness awaits!

Why are Stone Crab Claws So Delicious?

Florida's large stone crab claws are a coveted delicacy. These sea critters live off the coast of the Florida Bay, and their claws can measure up to six inches across. The crabs are carefully harvested from the waters around Florida before the claws are delivered from our docks to your door. But what makes Florida large stone crab claws so delicious? The key element is the high levels of umami flavor found in certain proteins naturally occurring in the claws of these crustaceans.

Additionally, Florida large stone crabs typically have sweet, succulent meat inside their shells that can make any meal a special treat. Even though these delicate creatures must be collected with utmost care and sustainability practices, they are worth it due to flavor alone! From a light seasoning such as salt and pepper to more complex sauces and sides, Florida large stone crab claws promise to turn any dinner into an unforgettable experience. With its delicate texture, incomparable flavor and unparalleled convenience, Florida's renowned large stone crab claws will most certainly take center stage at your next meal!

Why Order Our large Stone Crab Claws Through Captain Stone Crab

Florida large stone crab claws have long been prized for their buttery, sweet flavor and unique texture. Whether served as an appetizer or the centerpiece of a meal, Florida stone crab is among the most sought-after seafood in Florida. For those looking to order Florida large stone crab claws, Captain Stone Crab is the perfect choice. All of its large stone crabs are freshly caught each day during the season (Oct. 15 - May 1); this ensures that customers receive only the highest quality crab claws at their doorstep. And with swift delivery and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, it’s no wonder why Florida residents keep coming back for more. Florida large stone crabs claws from Captain Stone Crab offer unmatched flavor and quality!

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For premium Florida large stone crab claws, look no further than Captain Stone Crab. Our crabs are caught fresh along Florida’s coasts daily, ensuring your order is hand-selected and carefully packed. With standards that are second to none, you can be sure you’re getting the highest quality Florida stone crabs with each and every order. Our team knows how to spot the finest Florida stone crabs and deliver them directly to your door in peak condition while they are still brimming with delicious flavor. So if you're looking for Florida large stone crab claws of the best quality possible, order today from Captain Stone Crab! We guarantee that our Florida stone crab claws will exceed all of your expectations.

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