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Medium Florida stone crab claw being held by two hands

When you're looking for fresh Florida stone crab claws, there is no better source than Captain Stone Crab. Located in the heart of the Everglades region in South Florida, our fresh-caught stone crabs are loaded with succulent meat and harvested daily to ensure freshness. Our crew carefully selects for freshness, size, shape and color when collecting fresh claws from the ocean floor. These fresh claws are then quickly chilled to preserve their freshness until they reach your table.

At Captain Stone Crab we value quality over quantity, so all of our crabs are inspected before being shipped straight to your door. From traditional cooked claws to pre-cooked frozen tails, we provide a wide range of fresh Florida stone crab claw options that suit any craving or budget. So when you're looking for fresh Florida stone crab claws online look no further than Captain Stone Crab. We guarantee freshness and superior taste every time!

What are Medium Stone Crabs?

Medium stone crab claws are a highly valuable type of seafood harvested from the warm waters of the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts. Medium stone crabs get their name from the shape and size of their shells, which are slightly larger than that of smaller stone crabs. Medium stone crab meat is prized for its succulent flavor and its ability to stand up to heavy seasonings and cooking methods while still maintaining an optimal level of creaminess. Medium stone crab claws can be served boiled, steamed, grilled, fried or even sautéed – perfect for any seafood lover’s palate!

Why are Stone Crab Claws So Delicious?

Stone crab claws are a gourmet delicacy that have been enjoyed by seafood lovers for generations. The stone crab's large, impressive claws are one of the defining characteristics that make them so delicious. The texture of stone crab claw meat is firm and succulent and the flavor is sweet, with a hint of brininess. When compared to other shellfish, stone crabs offer a unique flavor that often sets them apart from their seafood counterparts. Furthermore, stone crabs are prized for their freshness and sustainability; they are harvested regularly throughout the year along coastal areas in the Southern United States.

As stone crab claws require only culinary preparation before consumption, they can be served raw or lightly boiled for an extra touch of flavor. Thanks to their deliciousness, stone crab claws offer top-notch taste and texture that's second to none whenever you're in the mood for something special.

Why Order Our Medium Stone Crab Claws Through Captain Stone Crab?

At Captain Stone Crab, we understand that medium stone crab claws are a delicacy, and we go the extra mile to ensure that the quality of the claws we provide is unbeatable. First off, medium stone crab claws from Captain Stone Crab are always caught wild. This ensures they’re completely sustainable, and also as fresh as possible when delivered. We never freeze our medium stone crab claws during season, and will only ever flash freeze our remaining stock during the offseason to ensure their maximum freshness.

Put simply, ordering medium stone crab claws through Captain Stone Crab will ensure you get the highest-quality product available on the market today. With our renowned shipping and customer service efficiency added into the mix, it won’t take long for your order to arrive either! Make the smart choice—order your medium stone crab claws from Captain Stone Crab! This way you can rest assured knowing you'll get freshness and quality without having to do any of the hard work yourself. So what are you waiting for?

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