Florida Stone Crab Claw Sustainability

At Captain Stone Crab, stone crab sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. Our stone crabs are sourced from the pristine waters of the Florida Bay, where they are caught using environmentally-friendly methods that ensure the long-term health and viability of the stone crab population long after they’re caught.

The Captain Stone Crab team works closely with local fishermen who have a deep understanding of the stone crab ecosystem and are committed to sustainable fishing practices. We only purchase crabs that have been caught using traps, which allow us to harvest the crabs while minimizing the impact on other marine life.

Why is Sustainable Sourcing Important? 

Sustainable stone crab fishing can be the difference between a properly maintained and ever growing population of healthy, delicious stone crabs, and a population that drastically dwindles and hurts the overall ecosystem. It’s absolutely essential to Captain Stone Crab that every stone crab claw we bring in was consciously sourced and abides by all legal regulations and requirements. As Florida Stone Crabs have the unique ability to regenerate their claws, we’re able to source their claws without causing any harm to them. However, stone crab claws must be over 2 and ⅞ inches long to be legally sourced. Once the claws have been harvested, the crab is released back into the wild, where it can regrow its claws on its own.

Through the strict sustainability practices we follow, we can do our part to continue bringing you the delicious stone crab claws nationwide, while still taking care of our crabby friends!

The Benefits of Supporting Sustainable Practices 

Supporting sustainable sources of stone crab has many benefits beyond simply keeping wild populations healthy. When you support businesses that prioritize sustainability, you are supporting an entire industry – from fishermen through distributors and retailers – who are committed to protecting the environment while providing a quality product for consumers. Additionally, by supporting these businesses you can be certain that your customers will receive fresh seafood year round as most suppliers specialize in seasonal catches throughout the year, ensuring a consistent supply of fresh seafood!    

Buying sustainably sourced stone crab is not only beneficial for ethical reasons but also practical ones. By identifying suppliers who practice responsible fishing methods and adhere to local laws and regulations regarding size limits and harvesting seasons, buyers can help ensure they purchase high quality products while protecting wild populations at the same time! Doing so supports an entire industry while providing customers with consistently fresh seafood throughout the year. So don't forget — when shopping for stone crabs, always make sure they're sustainably sourced with Captain Stone Crab!