Are stone crab claws cooked? The short answer is yes! Captain Stone Crab claws are cooked in boiling water immediately after harvest, on the boat or at dockside, to prevent the meat from sticking to the inside of the shell. Claws are sold fresh-cooked or frozen. 

Captain Stone Crab claws have a sweet and delicate taste that is enhanced by butter, garlic and lemon juice. The meat is removable from the shell with a fork or small knife, but it is easier with a pair of kitchen scissors. 

The stone crab claws can be cut into smaller pieces for stuffing or served whole. Slice each claw lengthwise through its middle joint to remove the meat in one piece. This makes for easy serving and prevents spillage on your plate. 

So, cooking stone crab claws: 

Rinse the claw meat under cold running water; pat dry with paper towels. Make a slit along one side of each claw; gently pull out some of the white fat. 

Stuff each cavity with 1/2 teaspoon mayonnaise, two teaspoons minced parsley or chives and one teaspoon lemon juice; sprinkle with salt and pepper if desired; reclose cavities tightly with toothpicks or wooden skewers if desired; serve immediately with lemon wedges. 

How Do You Cook Stone Crab Claws? 

Captain Stone Crab claws are boiled after they're caught, either on the boat or at the dockside. The meat sticks to the inside of its shell unless it's removed quickly by this method. Fresh-cooked stone crab claws are sold in stores; frozen ones can be found in some markets as well. 

Now, on how to cook stone crab claws, you will need to first remove the meat from the shell. You can do this by using a nutcracker, or you can use a hammer. 

Once you have removed the meat from the shell, there are many ways you can cook it. For instance, cooking stone crab claws with a potato pancake. If you would like to make stone crab claws with a potato pancake: 

    • Start by peeling and slicing your potatoes into thin slices 
    • Next, place them in water so they do not brown 
    • Take out your crab claws and remove any remaining pieces of shell or cartilage by using a nutcracker or hammer. Once this is done, dip each claw into flour seasoned with salt and pepper, then fry them in oil until they are golden brown on both sides. 
    • To finish cooking stone crab claws, place two fried claws on top of each potato pancake, then top that off with some tartar sauce or mayonnaise before serving immediately. 

    How to Cook Fresh Stone Crab Claws? 

    Captain Stone Crab Claws are cooked in boiling water as soon as they’re pulled from the sea to keep the meat inside them from sticking. 

    Stone crab claws are mostly eaten as whole claws, but they can also be used for steaks or stew meat. So, cooking stone crab claws, you'll want to use a mallet to crack open the shell and remove any cartilage or tendons. Once you've done it, you should be able to pull out the meat with ease. 

    Cooking stone crab claws can be done in two main ways: boiling or broiling. Boiling is easier because it requires less preparation time and fewer ingredients, but suppose you need something more flavorful than basic boiled crab legs, then broiling is better suited for your needs. 

    How to Cook Stone Crab Claws in the Oven? 

    To roast frozen or thawed stone crab claws, place them on a baking sheet in an oven set at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Cook until warmed through and the meat is firm and succulent—not watery like it would be if you boiled, steamed or microwaved the crabs. 

    For more details on how to cook stone crab claws: 

    Step 1: Heat the oven 

    Heat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit (175 degrees Celsius). You can also use a grill if you prefer. 

    Step 2: Coat the crab claws 

    Coat each stone crab claw with some olive oil and sprinkle it with pepper and salt. You can also add other seasonings if desired. 

    Step 3: Bake for 15 minutes 

    Place the stone crab claws on a baking sheet and bake them for 15 minutes. If you are using a grill instead of an oven, place them over indirect heat (heat coming from below) for 10 minutes on each side before flipping over and cooking for another 10 minutes on each side until browned and crispy. 

    How to Cook Stone Crab Claws in Instant Pot? 

    Cooking stone crab claws in an instant pot is straightforward. After being harvested from the water, stone crab claws are directly put in boiling water to prevent the meat from sticking inside its shell.  

    Stone crab claws are delicious when cooked properly, but it can be challenging to find the right recipe for them. They require enough time and effort to make them taste good. If you don't have time or energy to cook these delicious meaty claws, then an instant pot is a great solution for you. 

    The instant pot is an electric pressure cooker that allows you to cook your food quickly without having to wait for hours on end. It's perfect for cooking stone crab claws because they take less than 10 minutes. This means that any busy person can enjoy this tasty seafood dish even if they don't have much time at home during the weekdays. 

    How to Boil Stone Crab Claws? 

    Captain Stone Crab claws are cooked in boiling water as soon as they come out of the sea so that their meat won't stick to them. Cooking stone crab claws can also be grilled or baked. 

    You can boil stone crab claws in salt water or with vinegar to add flavor. The cooking period will vary depending on the size of your stone crabs. 

    To boil stone crab claws, fill a large pot with water and bring it to a boil over medium-high heat. Add salt and vinegar if desired, then place the stone crabs in the water and bring them back to a boil. 

    Boil for 5 minutes per pound of weight, then use tongs to remove the claws from the water and place them on a plate lined with paper towels to absorb excess moisture. Serve warm with melted butter poured over the top of each claw or dip into a hot sauce made with horseradish, Worcestershire sauce and lemon juice. 

    How to Steam Stone Crab Claws? 

    The best way how to cook stone crab claws is to steam them directly after they’re fished in order to keep the meat inside from sticking to the shell. Or follow these steps: 

    Step 1: Soak the claws in salt water for about 20 minutes. This will help draw out the meat from the shell and tenderize it. 

    Step 2: Place a steamer basket or colander over a pot of boiling water, making sure not to let water get into the pot. Place the claws into the basket or colander and cover them with a lid. Steam for about 15-20 minutes until cooked through. You may need to add additional time if you have larger or thicker claws. 

    Step 3: Remove from heat, drain off any excess liquid, and serve with melted butter, horseradish sauce or lemon wedges. 

    How to Reheat Stone Crab Claws? 

    Simply add cooked crab claws to simmering water for 2 minutes, then remove them and crack them before serving. On top of that, there are other ways to reheat stone crab claws. 

    Another way is to fry them in oil until they turn brown again before serving them with melted butter or mayonnaise on top. 

    You can also steam them over simmering water for about five minutes if you want your stone crab claws extra tender when served up hot. 


    Even if you've never cooked them before, we hope that you'll try our step-by-step recipe above and give stone crab cooking a shot. It is easier than you might think, and it's well worth the effort. Take a look at our online shop and see the great options we offer.

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