Sourcing high-quality, delicious stone crab claws can be tricky, as there’s a number of factors that go into providing you with the best claws possible every season. Here at Captain Stone Crab, our team goes through a regimented process in order to guarantee the claws you receive are fantastic every single time. Some of the key steps to ensuring perfect stone crab claws includes:

  1. Look for large, heavy stone crabs: Stone crabs have a thick, hard shell that protects their tender meat. The larger the crab's claws, the more meat it will have. We look for crabs that feel heavy for their size, have a thick, sturdy shell, and good looking claws
  2. Check for a good claw-to-body ratio: Stone crabs are known for their large claws, which are packed with succulent meat just waiting to be enjoyed. When choosing crabs, we look for ones that have a good claw-to-body ratio. This is typically indicated by large, meaty claws that are proportionate to the size of the crab's body.
  3. Choose crabs with bright, vibrant colors: Stone crabs should have a vibrant, reddish-orange color on the top of their shells and a white or light-colored underside. We avoid crabs with dull, discolored shells, as these may be old, or sick—both of which may negatively affect you after consuming.
  4. Avoid crabs with broken or missing claws: Not only do broken or missing claws make the crab claw far less appealing, but they can also indicate that the crab has either been in a fight or experienced some sort of trauma to the claw itself. We choose crabs with all of their claws intact and avoid ones with cracked or broken shells. The best stone crab meat comes directly from the claws, so those missing or broken claws will likely lead to less stone crab meat to be enjoyed.
  5. Utilize Sustainable catching and storage methods: The way that stone crabs are caught and stored can greatly affect their overall quality when they reach your front door. We only use sustainable catch and release methods without ever harming the stone crab itself.

Once You’ve received your perfect stone crab claws, it's important to store and prepare them properly to ensure that you enjoy the best possible flavor and texture. Here are some tips for enjoying your stone crabs claws, regardless of claw size:

Enjoying stone crab claws is a simple and delicious experience. To start, make sure your stone crab claws are fully thawed and at room temperature. Next, crack open the claws using a Captain Stone Crab mallet or a sturdy utensil such as a rolling pin. Then, remove the meat from the shells and enjoy it on its own or with your choice of dipping sauce. Some popular dipping sauce options include melted butter, cocktail sauce, or our famous mustard sauce. To fully enjoy the unique flavor of stone crab claws, try not to overpower the meat with heavy seasonings or sauces. You can enjoy your stone crab claws as a standalone appetizer or as part of a larger seafood feast. While you certainly can cook your claws, it's not required to enjoy to the fullest, as the fresh claw meat can be enjoyed the minute you crack it open.

Here at Captain Stone Crab, our mission is to find the best stone crab claws for you to enjoy. Shop our claws today and have them delivered to your doorstop no matter where you are in the US!