Did you know 98% of all stone crabs come from the coast of Florida? The Florida stone crab season runs from October 15 through mid-May, making the holidays the perfect time to enjoy stone crab claws!  

Whether you're planning a large seafood dinner or buying fresh stone crab for the first time, you'll need to get familiar with stone crab claw sizing. But where do you begin, and how do you make sure you don't buy too much or too little? 

We've got the foolproof guide to ordering stone crab claws by size. Keep reading to learn more about this delicious seafood delicacy and how to order for your next special occasion. 

Why Choose Fresh Stone Crab? 

Whether you're a seafood fanatic or an adventurous eater trying stone crabs for the first time, there's a stone crab claw size for you. Stone crabs make a great special treat at holiday gatherings, work events, or family dinners. 

Stone crabs aren't just a tasty seafood delicacy; they make your dinner fun and interactive! Enjoy lots of laughs as your friends and family learn how to crack the stone crab claws to get to the delectable meat. Each order of stone crab claws from Captain Stone Crab comes with a free mallet for cracking!  

Stone crab claw harvesting is regulated to ensure quantity control, so we can keep enjoying stone crab claws for years to come! This makes stone crab claws a delicacy that everyone should enjoy at least once in their lifetime.  

And when you purchase stone crabs, you enjoy seafood sustainably, as stone crabs are not killed when harvesting claws. The harvesting process involves removing the claw at a precise spot so the crab's claw can regenerate once returned to the ocean.   

Stone Crab Claw Sizes for All Occasions  

Before ordering stone crab claws, you'll want to take stock of a few factors of your dinner plans. First, consider how many people you'll have to feed. Will the stone crab claws be the main dish or a scrumptious appetizer? And is everyone in your dinner party willing to eat stone crab meat? 

Lastly, how much are you willing to spend? Stone crabs are a delicacy, but at Captain Stone Crab, we're proud to offer stone crab claws that beat the competitor's price. Stone crab claws are priced by the pound, with medium-sized claws being the least expensive and so on.  

The general rule of thumb for serving claws as an appetizer is 1lb per person, but this can fluctuate based on your preferences. Let's dive deep into common claw sizes to consider when you make your next stone crab claw purchase.  

Medium Stone Crab Claw 

The smallest of the bunch, medium-sized stone crab claws, work great as tiny bites for an appetizer. In the stone crab world, the saying goes, "the smaller the claw, the sweeter the bite!" The smaller the amount of meat in the claw, the more sweetness, meaning you won't skimp out on flavor even when ordering a smaller size claw. 

If you're going with medium-sized claws, you'll need to order a larger amount to feed your party. Each claw weighs in at about 2.5-3.0 ounces with 6-7 claws per pound.  

Large Stone Crab Claw 

A best-seller, the large-sized stone crab claw is the perfect middle ground for the indecisive crab-lover. Weighing in at 3-5 ounces per claw, this size works well as an appetizer or as a main entrée. You'll receive about 4-5 claws per pound, with 1.5lbs working best as your serving size per person. 

So if you've got a hungry crowd of 10, about 15 lbs of large stone crab claws will have you covered! They're sure to be a hit. 

Jumbo Stone Crab Claw 

We're moving into super-crab fan territory now! At 78.99 per pound, you can get your hands on the classic favorite: jumbo stone crab claws. Weighing in at 5-7 ounces, you should resort to jumbo claws if you plan to serve them as your main dish.  

A steal for fresh stone crab claws caught and delivered within 24 hours; the jumbo-sized claws are a special treat not to be missed.  

Colossal Stone Crab Claw 

Are you ready to wow your seafood-loving guests? The colossal stone crab claw is perfect for your large crowd or big family appetite! These are some of the largest stone crab claws on the market, with only 1-2 claws per pound. 

Caught fresh in the Florida keys, these massive 7-9 oz claws are sure to please and are large enough to serve as your main entrée. For the most premium stone crab around, look no further than Captain's colossal stone crab claws. 

Stone Crab Claw Serving Ideas 

All fresh stone crab claws come delivered to you already cooked. That way, all you have to do is crack into the claws and enjoy! Here are some of our suggestions on how to best serve stone crab claws. 

Each order of stone crab claws comes with homemade mustard sauce, stone crab meat's perfect companion. The tangy spice of the mustard beautifully complements the sweet crab meat, a match made in heaven! 

You can also opt for homemade butter sauce for a savory touch or simply serve with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. For the extra decadent dinner, don't skimp out! Try top-quality Russian Osetra Caviar with a lightly-salted, nutty, and creamy taste. 

The Best in Fresh Florida Stone Crabs

For a delicious, sustainable way to enjoy a seafood delicacy, look no further than the Florida stone crab claw. Stone crabs are a true gem of the Southeast Florida coast, so make sure you get the best, locally-caught claws.

At Captain Stone Crab, we have a team of 80 fishermen to catch our premium claws daily. Within 24-36 hours, the claws go from fresh off the boat to cooked to perfection to delivered straight to your door.

Take a look at our online shop and see the great options we offer. Remember that in addition to your fresh stone crab claws, at Captain Stone Crab you can enjoy our delicious caviar as well as our king crab legs in their colossal king crab legs presentation. Start the ordering process to get your hands on our premium stone crab claws today!